Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and Hashtags

Tweetdeck takes the basics of twitter and makes it that much more powerful and it makes sense. I really didn't understand the power in Twitter until I started using Tweetdeck. The basics of sending a tweet, replying, direct messaging and retweeting are just a click away. You can add columns so that you can follow events going live or interesting hashtags.
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What you will find below are Youtube videos that I have found explaining how to work with Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. I found it much more meaningful to go live with this presentation then to try and screencast each step. I hope that this videos help you as you explore more with these great sites/tools.

Tweetdeck Basics

Tweetdeck with Google Chrome


How to:

Direct Message
Follow new user
Search for user
Search for hashtag

The Power in Hashtags

Hashtags are news feeds that once included in a tweet, users will be able to search for that event/chat/class and search through just tweets associated for that particular event only. Below are just a few of the thousands of hashtags that are out in the twitter world.
Time of Chat
Monday 9 pm EDT
Saturday 6 pm EDT
Wednesday 8 pm EDT
Wednesday 7 pm EDT
Monday 8 pm EDT
Tuesday 8 pm EDT
Thursday 8 pm EDT
Saturday 6 pm EDT
#teacher-librarian or #tlchat

All day- Everyday

Last Sunday of every month 8 PM EDT
This is a can't miss!

The 2012 A-Z List Of Educational Twitter Hashtags

Crbray Man's List of Educational Chats

How To Hide Your Hashtag Chat From Followers

When having a Twitter #hashtag chat, if you want to avoid overwhelming your followers, start any tweet you want to “hide” with @HideChat or (one character shorter) @HideTag. (Do NOT follow @HideChat or @HideTag. They exist only to help you hide your Twitter chats.) NOTE: This also works when live-tweeting events or shows.
You don’t need to do this with all your chat tweets (though you could). But it’s a good idea to do it with most of them so as not to overwhelm folks. You could also use this for conversations with someone that you didn’t want others to notice in your timeline, although direct messages would work best for that

Notable Tools to Play with once you are really comfortable

Tweetchat- Tool that can be used during twitter discussions so that you only need to focus on discussion at hand.
Twtpoll- Create a poll and ask your PLN to answer the questions.
Twitpic- Post videos or pictures right to twitter for everyone to see. Takes hashtag tweets and put them in a daily newspaper.
60 Twitter Tools to Track Tweets
99 Essential Twitter Tools And Applications
Twitterrific- Mac Based

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